The composition of a knave (polyanarch) wrote in dot_moto_snark,
The composition of a knave

I have that effect on people

It's a gift I guess. I tend to be at the center of some of the motorcycles community's great flounces:
  • On 11-23-2006 conandammit can't take the heat and flounces with great fanfare. Great fun is had by all.
  • On 2-04-09 everyone's favorite whiny person (and Honda-riding Harley wanna-be dirtbag) romperwhiney flounces like there is no tomorrow, and mercifully never returns to the com. What have we been doing for the past 4 months without her thrice-daily pointless community posts, temper tantrums, and general assininatude??? I guess we are surviving.
  • Sometime between these two major flounces was one by pi3832 which I don't seem to have the link for any more. Perhaps he merely deleted it. But yesterday he made the world's lamest flounce over at bike_shop due to his mere awakening to the year-long fact that I watch and sometime will comment in that com. I guess the internet (and LJ moto coms) are not big enough for the two of us!
"God but you take the fun out of everything. Yet another LJ Group struck from my list."

Apparently! :-D

Oh, and there is that lsd who is in love with me and can't seem to contribute anything to LJ other than to ride on my coat-tails and echo my every word -serious or not ;)

I love all my adoring fans, even though I'm not really reading anything you post. If I can get your blood pressure up then I'm doing my part for the medical community. I'll give a crisp $20 bill to anyone who can be the first soul to forward me a clipping of Steiner's obituary from the embolism he surely is working towards.

Be a dear and post that picture you took of me with the bad teeth. That's so sweet :-D

Image Hosted by

If I were rich I'd be able to afford the gas to ride 10 hours a day. But poking people on the internet is pretty much free ;)

Oh, BTW -Harley's suck ;) yaw-yaw-yaw!

poke - poke - poke...
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