LD Steiner (lds) wrote in dot_moto_snark,
LD Steiner

Safety rules are for thee, not me!

Heeheehee, this is adorable:

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS Watch your six at a stoplight. ALWAYS!

Then, only one comment later, a scant 17 minutes after that first comment, the same commenter writes, in response to a suggestion "always" to do something he doesn't:

Use your head I guess for people who are unable to think for themselves, perhaps the "always do X" 3x5 card mentality might be best in this case.

Aren't safety nazis cute? Hard and fast rules are for them to give, not take.

Bonus points for the crappy quality of his throwout bearings later in that thread. If I were shopping for a bike, I'd take note and avoid his bike like the plague.
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