Юрий Майоров (mayorov) wrote in dot_moto_snark,
Юрий Майоров

Moto photos

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Deleted comment

You will look later, if there will be a desire
There is a translation issue here friend. "Snark" means to make fun of, or to insult.

My Russian is rusty, but I think the word might be оскорбление?

There are other communities to share pictures of beautiful bikes,
http://community.livejournal.com/motorcyclep0rn/profile is for beautiful pictures, "p0rn" or "pr0n" refers to 'pornography', or very desirable images. 8-)

That is why there is confusion, your pictures in a 'snark' community were not insulting. Beautiful pictures, just not 'snark'. 8-)

Deleted comment