The Enemy of the Good (eideteker) wrote in dot_moto_snark,
The Enemy of the Good

A Brief Musical Interlude

Harvey Danger - The Same As Being in Love

When you base
Your whole identity
On reaction against somebody
It’s the same as being in

I tend to forget when I drink.
I’m doing it again I think
A hand to hold, an ego to flatter,
'Cause you were the wineskin, I was the bladder.

Time passes, events fall away
(I don’t think they’ll hurry).
Hurry up, I’m blacking out,
High on the vapor
'Cause I was the typo,
You were the liquid paper.

Talk it over, talk it, overtalk it.
The answer’s still the same:
It’s discontent, humiliation
'Cause you were the theme and I was the variation.
Try to take a less dramatic course of action;
This attraction, introspection
is breaking my heart again,
breaking my heart again.
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